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Pow Wow


I have an adoptive family; they are important to me. My adoptive family supports me in life. One of the things I do in my life is Pow Wow and my parents have my best interest in mind. 

My mom is the one to calm me down when I get too excited, and my dad helps me keep organized. Mom has also helped me put together my regalia, which special to all nations.

My first Pow Wow was during a camping trip with my whole family when I was four.  I was so small that my older sister took my hand and helped me dance.  She was so tired after the dancing that day, that I wanted to do, she slept the whole way home. 

I started exploring Pow Wow on my own when I was 19.  I learned a lot from places like the Teaching Lodge, Brandon Friendship and other people I had met through Pow Wow.  The first Pow Wow I did as an adult was at New Era, but I have also danced, in Portage, Winnipeg, Sioux Valley and won awards and sometimes money!  When I win First Place, I get to carry the Canadian flag. 

I love doing Pow Wow because I have met so many people of different ages, different families, it's good exercise and a really healthy activity.  

It's helped me build confidence, because I try new things in Pow Wow, which encourages me try new things in life.  

I'm also learning more about the 7 teachings, which is an important of Pow Wow.   

Covid has made it so that I can't do Pow Wow in person, but I can still dance it in my kitchen and living room.  Now that the weather is nicer, I'll dance in my yard.  Sometimes I do Pow Wow dance to hip hop music or I add break dance to it. 

It's a great way to enjoy inside and the great outdoors.


Murray is a gentleman in his thirties, living in his own home with support in Brandon.   He’s active in Special Olympics and is an avid Pow Wow dancer. 




My name is Murray White. I am an Employer with In Company of Friends.  

I work construction with my Dad.  It can be frustrating sometimes because we don't always agree.  The good though is we laugh and joke, we tease each other and get back to work.  Just today, I wasn't feeling well, but I kept working and Dad said, "See you can do it."    I want to do a good job, so he is proud me.  He believes in me and trusts me and that's important.

Working with dad has brought us closer.  I confide in him when I have a problem, and if he needs help, he calls on me. We have become many things to each other like father, son and brother. 

My advice to everyone is to try things together, it doesn't have to be difficult, just go forward together.  It's important for kids to get to know their parents, and for parents to know their kids.




Murray is a gentleman in his thirties, living in his own home with support in Brandon.   He’s active in Special Olympics and is an avid Pow Wow dancer. 

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