Who We Are:

Inclusion Westman (formerly Community Living Brandon) is a voluntary not-for-profit organization committed to enriching the lives of people who live with an intellectual disability in the Westman region by promoting their full inclusion in the community. The work we do benefits not only the individuals with intellectual disabilities and their families, but the community in which they reside.

Incorporated in 1956, we are a local chapter of the Canadian Association of Community Living and Community Living Manitoba. In 1965, Inclusion Westman  founded what is now known as COR Enterprises, which is now a separate organization providing day services and vocational training and work to adults with developmental disabilities. Brandon Community Options, a residential service incorporated in 1980, is also a spin-off of Community Living Brandon.

Our current name Inclusion Westman reflects the belief that everyone has the right to live a fully inclusive life within the community: to live, to learn, to work, to participate, and to enjoy retirement.

What We Do

As a non-profit organization, we rely on fundraising to be able to offer advocacy, resources, support, and opportunities for families, children, and adults affected by an intellectual disability. We host family forums to discuss issues, formulate responses, and work on resolution. We develop positions and policies that promote positive change and bring them to every level of government. We assist families in navigating the service system, and we ensure that individuals with intellectual disabilities and their families are aware of their rights and what is available to them.

Last year, we received grant funding that allowed us to begin, in January 2017, offering an Inclusive Post-Secondary Education option for students leaving modified high school programs in the Westman area. This program allows such students to audit one or two classes at Brandon University, where, with supports, students can benefit from the academic and social experience, with the goal of finding related employment upon graduation. This is a pilot project and we are searching for ongoing funding.

Our Vision
Our vision is to create a community that fosters full inclusion, participation, and acceptance of every individual living with an intellectual disability and embraces the individuals right to make choices, grow, learn, and share the experiences of an inclusive lifestyle.
Our Mission

Inclusion Westman supports, advocates for, promotes, and facilitates the full participation, inclusion, and acceptance of people who live with an intellectual disability in our community. We:

  • Develop positions and policies that promote positive change
  • Provide resources, information and education
  • Create opportunities for networking
  • Build public awareness and community support
  • Provide financial support to individuals, families and service providers
  • Implement new services
  • Provide advocacy for those we serve