Family Funding

Grant Opportunities
Manitoba Marathon Foundation – Call for Proposals
Focus on returning to communities from institutions, high-risk situations, employment, family support, retirement options, early childhood – child care
Manitoba Marathon Foundation – Helen Steinkopf Memorial Funds (PDF) (for vacation, travel, recreation, camping)
Money Saver
Launched in December of 2004, the Access 2 Entertainment program seeks to offer more opportunities for people with disabilities to participate in recreational activities with an attendant, without added financial burden. It is also designed to raise awareness and help businesses provide quality customer service to customers with disabilities. The Access 2 Card provides persons with a disability a personalized card printed with their name and the card’s five-year expiry date. When going to their attraction of choice, they simply need to present the card along with a piece of ID (not required for cardholders who are minors), and their attendant will receive a free ticket. The Access 2 card is accepted at entertainment venues across Canada.
For Adults with an Intellectual Disability
ICOF is a funding model offered by the Manitoba Department of Families to Manitobans with intellectual disabilities.  People who choose this option want to self-direct and manage their own lives each day with help from friends and family, instead of receiving residential and/or day services from an agency.