Making Tax Time Accessible To All Canadians (PDF) – provided by the Canada Revenue Agency

A Family Guide To Options (PDF) – for when you learn your child has a disability. Includes lists of service providers

A Family Guide To Adult Services (PDF) – from Community Living Manitoba

Agency Guide To The Vulnerable Persons Act (PDF) – from Community Living Manitoba

A Family Guide To The Vulnerable Persons Act (PDF) – March 2012

Housing and Disability

from the Government of Manitoba

Services For Adults

Vulnerable Persons Act

Bridging To Adulthood – A Protocol For Transitioning Students With Exception Needs From School To Community (PDF)

Working Together – A Parents Guide To Transition From School To Community (PDF)

Services For Children

Protocol For Transition Of Preschool Children To School (PDF)

Inclusive Times (Inclusion Westman)

Other Publications

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Coming Together To Create Change
Institution Watch
Spring 2013 – Volume 7
Poverty Watch
Ready, Willing and Able
March 2013 – Volume 2
October 2013 – Volume 11
Community Living Manitoba
Notes and News
Summer 2013 – Volume 3, Issue 2
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The Updater
October 2013 – Volume 13, Issue 2
Hands – The Family Help Network

The International Journal for Direct Support Professionals

Spectrum Society for Community Living

Spectrum Press – books and products by, for, and about people you care about